The Book

Bempathy ® is Banter with Empathy.
An interpersonal technique of verbal and nonverbal communication that facilitates

congruent conversation between people which will improve their lives and increase productivity.

Simplify your life and manage conflict by learning to “Bempathize©” with people.

Welcome to a better life by engaging in a new way of looking at interruptions in your world thru the eyes of three charming characters who go through life’s trials and tribulations that people of all ages can relate to. They are Beacon who guides the way and enlightens his fraternal twin sister Brighten, whose life is lit and makes everything clearer—for her and for you! -- using new techniques from “Bempathy®.” Their little dog Bow helps tie everything together so it makes sense.

There seems to be three types of people in the world: Leaders, Followers, and Compromisers. Beacon “leads the way;” Brighten “follows and is enlightened;” and Bow helps “connect the dots.” Which one are you? Are you all of them put together?

These are Bempathy’s three charismatic characters - Beacon, a handsome young man; Brighten, his equally attractive fraternal sister; and Bow, their faithful dog. The twins and Bow strive to help people learn how to enjoy life by connecting and achieving their needs and desires.

These characters take difficult analytical techniques in the communication process and simplifies them by “looking thru children’s eyes” that most people of all ages can relate to. The purpose is for people to relate to animated characters and follow them through the different techniques so they can apply these practices into their own lives.

Beacon, Brighten & Bow will teach you the social skills needed to have a more harmonious life filled with fun, enjoyment, and positive excitement.